NEW Foodsville Lite 595mm Fan Assisted Counter Top Convection Oven On Mobile Stainless Steel Stand

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NEW Foodsville Lite 595mm Fan Assisted Counter Top Convection Oven On Mobile Stainless Steel Stand

The NEW Foodsville Lite 595mm Fan Assisted Counter Top Convection Oven, presented on a mobile stainless steel stand, is a versatile and user-friendly appliance ideal for commercial kitchens that require flexibility and efficiency. Designed to accommodate a variety of cooking needs from baking to reheating, this convection oven is perfect for establishments where space and quality are equally important.

With a standard 13 amp plug supply, the oven promises easy installation with no need for special wiring—simply plug in and start cooking. A handy timer range from 0 to 60 minutes allows chefs to manage their baking and reheating tasks without the need to constantly monitor the process, enhancing kitchen productivity.

The double-glazed door ensures heat retention, improves energy efficiency, and allows for safe, external viewing of the oven’s contents. The compact dimensions of the oven, 615mm in width, 650mm in depth, and 1160mm in height (including the stand), make it a perfect fit for kitchens where counter space is at a premium.

Mounted on a mobile stand, the convection oven can be easily moved around the kitchen or to different venues, offering convenience for cleaning, maintenance, or during kitchen reconfigurations. This portability also means that it can be stored away when not in use, maximizing available workspace.

This Foodsville Lite convection oven’s combination of convenience, efficiency, and mobility makes it an excellent addition to any kitchen where quick and even cooking is a must, and space needs to be utilized as effectively as possible.


  • 13 amp plug supply
  • Timer 0 – 60min
  • Double glazed door
  • Versatile counter-top oven for baking, reheating etc
  • Easy to use
  • On mobile stand for ease of movement

Dimensions (mm): 615 W x 650 D x 1160 H

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